My Green Kitchen

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Since today is Earth Day (40th anniversary at that!), I have been thinking about what I do that benefits the planet and what more could I be doing...

  1. Wash your produce in a bowl of water rather than under running water from the faucet
  2. Bamboo cooking utensils and cutting boards. I recently had to replace my wooden spoons, so instead I bought bamboo ones from The Pampered Chef - they rock!
  3. Recycle all food packaging products that can be recycled. I rinse out yogurt cups, steel cans, cardboard aseptic packages, etc and recycle them in my "blue bin" that goes out with my trash
  4. Re-use glass jars. Pickle jars, mayo jars, jam jars... I have been washing, then soaking the labels off and using them to store dried beans, homemade salad dressings, etc
  5. "Waste Not, Want Not" bread crusts, bread heels, imperfect cakes, cornbreads, etc. I throw these things into a ziploc freezer bag and when it's full turn them into bread crumbs, cubes for stuffing  mix. Cakes or muffins that didn't turn out quite right get turned into crumbs for cheesecake crusts. Veggie scraps get turned into broth.
  6. Hyperbake
  7. Use reusable shopping bags. (I must confess I have trouble remembering to keep mine in the car, grab them out of the car when I get to the store... )
  8. Be a locavore :-)
  9. Keep your fridge clean. Clean coils makes a happy fridge, one that uses less energy to be effecient!
  10. Keep  your freezer full. A full freeer uses less energy to maintain a constant temperature
  11. Plant a garden: fruits, veg or herbs. 1 pot makes a garden!
What do you do or have in the kitchen that benefits the earth? I am always looking for new tips and tricks to  incorporate into my life, so post yours below!



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